To get started with Robert's Rules of Order, watch this 45-minute "Quickstart" video first:

Have you been ruled "Out of Order"? Treated unfairly in a meeting? To learn how to enforce your rights as a member, watch this video next. Note: the page references in this presentation are to the obsolete 11th edition. For the updated references to the current 12th edition, please download this file: RONR Rights (pdf)

Are proxies being abused in your organization? Watch this next video to see what Robert's Rules of Order has to say about proxies.

Are your Legislative District bylaws working for you? If not, you may want to consider adopting the MCRC Bylaws Template. This video explains why you should consider doing so.

Would you like to learn a fast way to find just the right quote from RONR? This video explains how. Take a look ...